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Child Holistic Care & Development


Empowering & Equipping Every Parent by Enabling Every Child's Development !

Fynd Health : An Ecosystem for Healthcare, Holistic Development & Wellbeing

We help children with special needs and developmental delays. We combine healthcare, therapy, peer support & query management with progress monitoring to provide prime services.

My Angel

Empowering parents and children with special needs and developmental delays to attain to their full potential.

My Wellness

Mental well-being for children, adolescents and adults.

We offer Corporate Programs for Workforce and Customised Programs for Individuals

My Nutrition

Nutritional advise and customised diet plans for healthy growth & development in children

My Community

A close knit community to express, share, discuss and seek mentorship 24/7.

Our Programs

Every Child Deserves The Best !

Fynd Health is a One Stop Solution for Holistic Development in Children & Mental Wellness for All

We as passionate professionals help our "Angels" to attain to their fullest potential.

We are a research centric holistic care provider for children and for all parenting needs.

We work with a multidisciplinary approach for both Preventive & Intervention requisites for
every child's developmental journey.

Holistic Development in Children

We deploy an integrated approach to ensure holistic development in our children. We specialise in techniques pertaining to:

  • Early Childhood
  • Growth & Development Programs For Children
  • Customized Therapeutic Interventions
  • Behavioural Training Programs
  • Assessments & Specialised Screenings
  • E-learning Programs
  • Specialized Curated Programs

For Parents

We recognise that parents are just as important in this journey. We embark upon together. We hand hold and mentor parents in this journey. To help parents cope up, we offer:

  • Parental Training Programs
  • My Nutrition - Nutritional advise for healthy growth & development in children
  • My Community - Community and Peer Support to understand and gain experiences
  • Assessments & Self-Discovery Tools

Mental Wellness - Children, Adolescents & Adults

Mental wellness is crucial for one's overall well-being, day to day activities, relationships and work performance. Our Psychologists counsel, mentor, motivate and provide therapeutic interventions to help you fix concerns in various aspects in the journey of life like:

  • Relationships
  • Work Stress
  • Stress & Anxiety
  • Confidence
  • Depression
  • Puberty and Adolescence concerns
  • Exam Stress
  • OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder) and many more

Therapeutic Interventions

Our healthcare specialists, psychologists & psychiatrists use customised therapeutic interventions based on an Individual's needs. For Children, these are based on their developmental gaps. After detailed assessments and diagnosis, we use a combination of customised therapies best suited to cater to the Individual concerns and in children, based on their developmental needs. Some of these therapies include:

  • Psychoanalysis
  • Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, CBT
  • Client Centred Therapy
  • Acceptance and commitment therapy, ACT
  • ABA, Applied Behaviour Analysis
  • Speech & Language Therapy
  • Occupational Therapy
  • Sensory Integration and many more

Specialized Curated Programs for our Children

Ensuring Holistic Development for our Children !

These programs are scientifically designed and highly specialised with a goal centric approach to ensure the best for our children from 2 to 17 years old along with hand-holding and mentoring parents.

Growth & Development Programs For Children

Our curated programs for holistic growth and development in children along with nurturing their abilities.

Behavioural Skills & Emotional Quotient in Children

Especially designed programs for both parental training and working directly with children on behavioural aspects and building as well as nurturing emotional quotient in children.

Social Communication and Language Nutrition

Parental Training as well Child-based customised programs to inculcate cognitive skills, expression, social communication, awareness along with emotional quotient in children.

One-Year Integrated Online Intervention Program

Our most sought after and impactful program that has helped parents in shaping their children to the best! Scientifically designed goal oriented program to bring measurable development in children.

Assessments & Specialised Screenings

It's crucial for every parent to ensure and track a child's milestones & development. Each child is different with a different learning and capability curve.

Using our scientific tools and multidisciplinary approach, we help you to understand your child's true potential with an analysis of strengths and weaknesses.

Early intervention Program - 2 to 5 years old children

For every child, the best development phase is between 2 to 5 years when they grow and develop the most.

Our Early Intervention Program is highly successful and impactful in bridging and addressing developmental concerns and gaps in children to the best of their potential.

Inculcate Imagination & Expression in Children

Nurture Young Minds with EQ & SQ !

  • The neuroplasticity of the brain is the highest in young minds. Hence 0-3 years is called 'the critical phase' for a child's overall development. During formative years i.e. up to 5 years, children learn, acquire skills and assimilate the most.
  • It's crucial for all parents to focus on nurturing these young minds.
  • At Fynd Health, we offer programs focused on child's holistic development encompassing EQ, SQ and AQ.
  • Most schools capitalize in improving IQ level while EQ, SQ and AQ are played down.
  • FYND HEALTH focusses on developing every aspect of the EQ, SQ and AQ equally so that our children progress well in all the fields of life.
  • We follow a Multidisciplinary approach for providing solutions to unleash the fullest potential of children.

    Emotional Quotient (EQ): is the ability to maintain emotional balance with others.
    Social Quotient (SQ): is the measure of ability to build a network of relationships with people. SQ represents your Charisma.
    The Adversity Quotient (AQ): is the measure of ability to go through adversities in life & our adaptation to rough phases.

Our Therapies

Psychological Therapy

We have programs for children, Adolescents and Adults. Our Psychologists use customised therapeutic interventions based on the child's developmental gaps and an individuals needs. We encourage free flow of emotions.

Speech Therapy

Are you looking for "Speech & Language Development or Enhancement" for your child ? Tired of running around for solutions and still grappling with it ? Fynd Health assures you of giving you the "Best Possible Outcomes" for your Child.

Occupational Therapy

Our OT Therapists help in improving ''Fine Motor Skills'' in Children. Our Occupational Therapy Program plays a crucial role starting from day to day activities, productive chores, playing, leisure activities and making children independent in daily activities & goals.

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy

Our CBT Program is a form of psychological treatment that is extremely successful and effective for a range of problems like depression, anxiety, alcohol & drug abuse, marital concerns, eating disorders, and severe mental illness.

Motor Therapy

We use motor therapy to help improve fine motor skills in children such as grasping, writing, fastening buttons, etc.

Auditory Therapy

We equip parents & caregivers with resources and practice of auditory skills, practice of sequencing with sounds to support the development of our hearing-impaired children.

Sensory Integration Therapy

We use specialised techniques to help children appropriately respond to sensory stimuli such as touch, light, sound, chewing, etc.

Group Therapy

We provide activity based learning to impact social communication, peer interaction and cognitive skills in children.

ADHD Assessment & Therapy

For ADHD, Our specialists use therapeutic, behavioural and psychological interventions post assessment and diagnosis. We deploy integrated approach depending on child's developmental needs.

Art Therapy

We use creative processes for self-exploration and gaining personal insights.

Music Therapy

We use music to address the physical, emotional, cognitive and psychological needs of children & individuals.

Games Therapy

We use activity based learning and games for psychotherapy, skill development, building rapport and social skills training.

Our Specialists

Our team of trained professionals consists of Physicians, Paediatricians, ENT and Speech Specialists,
ENT Paediatrics, Sleep Apnea Specialists for Sleep Disorders, Neurologists, Geriatricians, Therapists,
Psychologists and Psychiatrists.

Our Story

Based on our personal experiences with friends and family, we realised that there has always been a subset of the population who have been dependent on family members / caretakers who in turn are dependent on a varied group of healthcare specialists to help them fit into the normal society.

Fynd Health has been incepted with the dream and vision of improving and empowering lives of children impacted by neurodevelopmental disorders, individuals seeking mental wellness and people grappling with overall well-being.

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From Our Community

I strongly recommend "Fynd Health" to all Parents in need to shape up their children towards a holistic development.

I am really glad to figure out "Fynd Health" for my 3.5 years old Son.,They are a team of passionate healthcare professionals who own the parent's concerns and child's requirements with their heart and soul into it. They have turned around my child on various fronts starting from Speech & Language to Motor to Behavioural to Cognitive Skills. When I had started, my son was at early linguistics stage and today he communicates brilliantly. I strongly recommend "Fynd Health" to all Parents in need to shape up their children towards a holistic development.

- Captain Jatinder, Customer

Fyndhealth has a group of passionate & enthusiastic people who work with a Scientific Approach. They help the Parents in achieving "Developmental Goals" for their Children.

Fyndhealth has a group of passionate and enthusiastic people - Trainers, therapists and professionals who make all the possible efforts to train children with developmental delay in a Scientific Approach. The explanations, the way of training the parents is helpful in getting the right therapy in a more effective way and reaching the Developmental Goals. The programs they offer are really helpful for the kids with developmental delays. The trainers are professional and patient enough to handle the kids and listen to their parents concern. 'They also track the progress of the child in a more effective way by tracking the planned milestones against the actual.'

- Mrs. Nilanjana Das, Customer

Fynd Health is the Best Place for your Child.

Fynd Health is the Best Place for your Child. Their Speech therapy program has shaped up my non-verbal child who has Down Syndrome. They offer the best Speech & Language Therapy. ,Their Parental Training Programs and Materials provided are a Great Support :)

- Mrs. Sutapapal, Customer

Best Speech & Language Therapy and Assessment

Fynd Health offers the Best Speech & Language Therapy. They conduct very comprehensive assessment to diagnose the problem. As a Parent, I am really thankful for their support and Speech & Language therapy for my son. My son enjoys all their online sessions and is showing great progress too.

- Mr. Sarthak, Customer

Really happy with the Online Sessions, Speech & Language Therapy and Diagnosis !!

Really happy with the online sessions and diagnosis !! When I approached Fynd Health, I was not sure of the reasons for learning delays in my child. They conducted a detailed assessment. Helped me to understand the problems and their solutions. ,With their Speech and Language Therapy, my child is on the Development Track. And I am really glad.

- Mrs. Maninder, Customer

Superbbbb service!!

Superbbbb service !!,I was searching for a good professionals online Speech & Language Therapy for my Son. ,I am glad to come across Fynd Health whose scientific and passionate approach is really helping my son.

- Mrs Utsa, Customer

Best Early Intervention Program

Thanks alot for such wonderful Services & Diagnosis ,The Early Intervention Program is really helping my daughter. ,As a parent, I am learning a lot through Fynd Health's Parental Training in working and practising with my child to achieve Developmental Goals.

- Mrs Neetu, Customer

Great Online Speech Therapy, Occupational Therapy & Parental Training Sessions

Fynd Health offers the Best Therapies and Great Guidance.,As a parent, I am really happy with the therapy sessions, structure of the program and practice materials.

- Mr. Indranil, Customer

Take the Initiative : Be a Mentor

Become a Peer Mentor

Share your experiences & guide people sailing in the same boat!

As a mentor, listen to people and support them to travel the path basis your experiences

  • Whether supporting a special needs kid, someone in need for neuro-care or dealing with mental instability - It is unsettling.
  • The anxiety is only added to by the lack of direction - Not knowing who can help, where to go and whom to approach.
  • Our peer forums of people with similar experiences, who have either overcome such hurdles, or are in the process - can be Invaluable.

Fynd Health intends to connect you with such people who can mentor your initial struggles by sharing their experiences

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